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  • News Paper Reading- Its very important to keep oneself updated about the various amendaments, new laws and regulations, changes taking place in and around the world and major happenings and developments in India, changing relationships with other neighboring countries.
  • Competition Magazines Reading -These are important for building the good anaytical skills.
  • Take Coaching- Coaching helps to build a competitive environment and provides you with the right direction and guidance.
  • Choose strong subject of your as a main subject
  • Do group discussions- Group dicsucssions help in broadning your horizon and giving a clear cut thinking.

News Paper Reading
Reading newspapers is essential in the time of preparing for the IAS exams. They help candidates keep in constant touch with current events and news. The editorial pages and in-depth analysis also trains the candidate to think analytically and in a logical manner. All top coaching centers preach the benefits of reading newspapers in the preparation leading up to the examination.

Candidates are advised to read more than one newspaper to get a holistic view and wider perspective on affairs. The candidates should understand local, national, as well as international affairs in the preparation for the exam. Reading newspapers helps is a vital aspect of this process.
Some of the prominent newspapers considered as required reading for candidates are

  • The Hindu
  • The Times Of India
  • The Economic Times
  • The Indian Express
  • The Hindustan Times
  • The Pioneer
  • The Telegraph
  • Mid-Day
  • Employment Newspapers
  • Asian Age
  • Deccan Herald
  • Deccan Chronicle
  • Malayalam Manorama

Competition Magazines Reading
There are a wide variety of magazines available from Private school services that are valuable sources of information and learning in the lead up to the IAS examination. These magazines provide in-depth information and knowledge for candidates. From essays and interviews in the Private school servoices , these maganizes promote vocabulary tests to bibliographies, these magazines help in gearing students up for the competitive nature of the IAS exam.

Some of the prominent magazines required for candidates are

  • Competition Success Review
  • Competition Success Review Yearbook
  • Chronicle
  • Malayalam Manorama Yearbook
  • Frontline
  • Economic & Political Review
  • Seminar

Take Coaching – Teaching Institutions in India
There are lots of Teaching Institutions in India who teach the vital course for every candidate wishing to appear for the civil services examination. Don’t panic how to get prepared for the Civil service examinations. The competitive nature of the examination puts great challenges in front of a candidate and these will be certainly tackled with able guidance through the extensive coaching of Teaching Institutions in India.. Coaching centers provide this with the aid of faculty who have wide expertise in the area of civil services.

Also, by providing a structured environment for candidates along-with strict guidelines, practice tests as well as question banks, Teaching institutions in India are giving a perfect coaching and are ideally suited to answer all the requirements of a candidate for making a successful appearance at the examination. If you scare and think without confidence how to get prepared for the civil service examinations, please forget first of all to feel negative. You should be much self confident, highly motivated and should fill yourself with complete positive traits. Daily sit for a silent meditation practice which helps you to develop your concentration skills , improve your memory power , boosts you with the right and positive energy. Wear comfortable loose clothes while sitting for a meditation. If you are waking up around 5 am , that will be the ideal time to start your Meditation. Take a nice bath in warm water and go for stretching exercises 10 minutes and after that at least for 5 minutes practice deep breathing exercises. You should be very mild in your movements and don’t force yourself at any point while sitting for a silent meditation practice. You can keep on watching your breath in silent meditation practice. Just observe the flow of breath – which is coming in and going and rhythmically.

A magic transformation will take place in your entire behaviors. You will be filled with full of confidence and positive attitude and of sure will be absolutely relaxed and tension free. This is the fundamental step while you are taking a step for planning how to get prepared for the Civil service examinations.

Students Group discussions
While we speak about Students Group discussions which provides the students with an interactive forum for discussion and understanding that can not be achieved in a vacuum studying alone. Fresh ideas, and perspectives ensure that knowledge is kept vibrant and refreshed at every step.

Students Group discussions also provide a forum for them to understand the wider scheme of things and thereby enlarge their scope of knowledge. It improves the best concentration in Studies since they are sharing their opinions mutually and exchanging their views . In case if any of the student is good in Maths , the concerned student can teach Maths to a student who is bit dull and so on..
Apart from improving the best concentration in Studies, Group Studies boost up the confidence level since the students feel much more supporting , understanding and take subjects in a easy way. If they feel everything is difficult and the subjects are very tough, they will be having so much of fear to tackle the subject in the right way. Wherein during group discussions, they will get the supporting hands and their self confidence is sky rocketing because of their supportive friends and their concentration in studies is getting improved and they are becoming much successful in their promotions.

The students are also sharing the best tips for scoring good marks since it is very important to discuss things on individual perspective. While they share the best tips for scoring good marks, they can gain more experience and confidence to give the very best results.

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